ISO9001 Electrical Contractors

ISO9001 & ISO14001 Success

Another successful audit for Simon Dean following our annual ISO 9001 & ISO14001 certification.

We’ve held both ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO14001 Environmental Management accreditations since 2014 which is a testimony to our continuous improvement culture across the business.

As a result, our multi-discipline service, specialising in electrical contracting, is annually externally and independently audited through this process.

This year we have applied focus to ensure our processes and procedures are robust and consistent in all areas of our business. The hard work and effort delivered from all members of the Simon Dean team have resulted in ZERO major and ZERO minor non-compliances in this years audit – a fantastic result!

Simon Dean have some great ideas and concepts in the pipeline, all of which require integration into our Quality and Environment Management systems.

We look forward to getting these in place, improving our business, and raising the benchmark for Electrical Contractors.


Why is ISO14001 & ISO9001 accreditation important to us?

  • Helps to reduce failures in our business’ processes.
  • Contribute to increased efficiency.
  • Helps to increase sustainability.
  • Reduce wastage and minimise environmental impacts from business practices.


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