Southport Station – LV Electrical Upgrade

  • RISQS Electricians installing LV panel board
  • Low voltage distribution equipment installation Merseyside
  • Critical back up power installation Southport

Southport Station low voltage equipment renewal brought a logistical challenge to ensure the station remained operative at all times. A finely tuned programme combined with a realistic and practical approach to the works enabled us to maximise working hours on the project.

The works involved renewing equipment at several locations across the station, from the cleaner’s store, to British Transport Police, through to distribution equipment for future improvement plans at the station.

Completing these works involved coordination between all clients and interested parties as well as the DNO and panel manufactures.

This project was a complex installation to enable the transfer from the old to the new equipment including the upgrade of the main switch for the whole station. Back feeding the new panel from the old incoming supply allowed us to transfer each of the outgoing supplies one at a time to the new equipment.

During the transfer of power and the isolation of the supply by the DNO, we fed the station from a 500kVA generator with automatic transfer panel and a backup 500kVA generator allowing 100% up time of the station.