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Multi sector installation experience of smoke ventilation systems.

Residential / Commercial & Office / Education / Prison / Storage & Distribution

What we do…

Natural Ventilation Systems

Undertaking scheduled proactive maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your assets. We can survey and review the current status of assets and provide a PPM regime to elongate the life the building.

Mechanical Extract Systems

Delivering platform lighting upgrades to LED including the provision of replacement lighting columns. Electrical and civil works completed by one team.

Car Park Ventilation Systems

Railway station upgrade and delivery works encompassing a complete package trade disciplines. Internal, external, platform and car park refurbishment and improvements.

Smoke Vent Maintenance Services

Mechanical & Electrical installations, maintenance and reactive call out services. Major project installations through to minor repairs and upgrades.

Project Case Study

Client: CBRE

Project: Four Seasons Shopping Centre

Date: 2020

Installation Consistency Nationwide

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Our experienced team of smoke ventilation installers deliver projects Nationwide. This allows you peace of mind, your installations are consistently delivered to standard.