Ainsdale Station – Lighting Column Replacements

  • Railway electrician replacing abacus lighting columns on platform

Simon Dean, RISQS electrical contractor, delivered the removal and replacement of 12 life expired lighting columns at Ainsdale Station under possession and isolation.

Each evening the PTS trained engineers assembled for a pre-shift briefing by the site supervisor to cover health, safety and scheduled activities for the shift, where all documentation was signed to record acknowledgement and understanding of the information provided.

Before commencing the work, the area was scanned with cable avoidance tools by trained operatives whilst one of our qualified 18th edition electricians safely isolated and locked off the electrical circuit to be worked on.

The works were completed in an organised, safe manner with sufficient labour available to ensure the activities could be completed within the possession times and to ensure the exposure levels for hand arm vibration syndrome were not met by any individual whilst breaking out concrete around the existing columns.

During each shift lighting columns that were removed, were replaced, complete with finished floor surfaces to ensure the station was fully illuminated without the need for temporary lighting or barriers once the possession was handed back.

Following each shift a Form 005 document was returned to Network Rail complete with evidence of permits and HAVS records, keeping the client informed and in control throughout the delivery of works.

Due to the delivery planning and consideration for the safety of engineers and station users we were able to complete the works ahead of schedule with zero accidents.

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Ainsdale Station is in fact an Award Winning Station for Merseyrail.