National MID Metering Installations

  • Commercial Electricity Sub Meter Installation

Simon Dean have undertook a national project working with a utility management service provider to exchange electricity sub meters in commercial and industrial properties.

In April 2016 the original MID was replaced by the ‘recast’ MID (2014/32/EU) implemented by The Measuring Instruments Regulations SI 2016/1153. MID approved instruments will have passed specific conformity assessment procedures and have MID markings which allow the instruments to be used in any EU member state. The aim of the directive is to create a single market in measuring instruments for the benefit of manufacturers and, ultimately, consumers.

During this project Simon Dean successfully delivered over 400 MID compliant electricity sub meter exchanges across 22 sites in the UK. Our dedicated team managed all aspects of the project and worked closely with our client to ensure our high customer satisfaction standards were delivered.

Our engineers and business support team worked hand in hand to ensure that materials were readily available and that all documentation was thoroughly completed ready for issuing back to the client. Simon Dean electrical engineers conducted the project in a professional manor, liaising with site managers and tenants to ensure a smooth exchange of electricity sub meters during power outages. Our experienced engineers were able to remove old meters and install new MID compliant meters with minimal disruption.

Despite the successful completion of this project, Simon Dean are always striving to continually improve. Our business support team are already working to improve our methods of documenting meter exchanges while also implementing enhanced operating procedures. All to ensure we are ready for our next project and for complete customer satisfaction.

Simon Dean can provide the support needed to ensure your electricity sub meters are MID compliant. MID Metering Guidance

Contact us to discuss your MID metering requirements and we can provide you with a proposal of work to ensure your meters are MID compliant.

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